August 14, 2017

New Hope for Depression

Depression afflicts 300 million people. One-third don't respond to treatment. A surprising new drug may change that. Time Magazine's article by Mandy Oaklander explores the topic and explains how ketamine offers hope.
July 21, 2017

FOX Daytime @ Nine Interview

KABB Fox News 29 San Antonio | Daytime @ Nine Show Host Esteban talks with Dr. Mark Moran and Dr. Cannon Clifton about ketamine infusions, a special treatment that can stop chronic pain from migraines, PTSD, Fibromyalgia and more to have you functioning like normal in no time.
April 23, 2017

Acute & Chronic Pain

If you have chronic pain, you have a lot of company. According to the Institute of Medicine, there are roughly 116 million Americans living with chronic pain, which means approximately half of all American adults have some form of chronic pain.
April 22, 2017

Women’s Health

Pelican Family Medicine treats women’s health issues involving the reproductive system, breast health, and prenatal care. We also treat STDs and provide birth control options.
April 22, 2017

Weight Loss Counseling

At Pelican Family Medicine, we can provide counseling and set up a personalized diet and exercise plan to get you to a healthy weight.
April 22, 2017

Preventive Medicine

Why not prevent health problems before they occur? Preventative medicine keeps patients healthy. We learn about your health history through diagnostic tools and tests. We can restore balance to body systems including the immune system and digestive system.
April 22, 2017

Pediatric Care

Children have ever changing healthcare needs as they grow and develop. It is important to monitor their development to ensure they are on track. We treat everything from simple ailments such as colds, flu, and viruses to complicated disorders and illnesses.
April 22, 2017

Health Care Screenings

Our clinic provides all types of health care screenings including PAP smears, mammograms, prostate cancer screenings, stress tests, lipid profiles (cholesterol test), lung cancer testing, colonoscopies, blood glucose testing, and blood pressure measurements.
April 22, 2017

Dermatologic Conditions

Pelican Family Medicine can treat a variety of dermatologic conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, scars, EB, and dry skin. We may prescribe topical treatments, oral medication, diet changes, or changing shampoos, soaps, or lotions to help alleviate these conditions.