Adolescent Medicine

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Adolescent medicine is an area of healthcare that specializes in common medical issues that occur during puberty. Adolescent medicine goes beyond a regular check-up or prescription and addresses social pressures that accompany preteen and teenage years. We deal with acne, menstruation, abnormal or accelerated growth, reproductive health, mood changes, and eating disorders. We also educate teens and their parents on how to handle pressure to do drugs, drink, or smoke and explain the effects these activities have on the body. Our team works to monitor and balance hormonal changes in teens. In adolescent medicine, we often address emotional distress, physical conditions, and we even treat depression, if necessary.

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I have been going to Dr. Armitage since he opened 16 years ago. He is a rare physician as he spends extra time talking with you. He is simply wonderful! MADELINE LANGLEY, BirdEye