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Family Practice Services

A full service family practice serving Wilmington, North Carolina with four convenient locations.

  • Urinary Incontinence - mature couple

Urinary Incontinence

Not all bladder leaks are a long term issue, but if they are…here are a few simple steps you can take, along with options available from the physicians and care team at Pelican Family Medicine.

  • Family Healthy Habits

Weight Management

It isn't you! Losing weight (and keeping it off) is a challenge for most of us. To be successful long term the key is taking the right approach and getting the help you need to be successful.

  • Fall Prevention Program

Fall Prevention Program

Falls and balance disorders are severe threats to longevity, especially as we age. Our staff at Pelican Family Medicine is sensitive to these disorders and offers patients of all ages balance assessments and rehabilitation through our comprehensive Fall Prevention Program.

  • Diabetic Care

Diabetic Care

Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness and kidney failure and is a serious risk factor in heart disease, stroke, and foot or leg amputations.

IV Infusions

IV therapy is a powerful tool in combating the common cold, fatigue, dehydration and hangovers. Within 30-45 minutes, IV vitamin infusions can cleanse your body of toxins and improve your ability to recover faster, feel healthier, and look younger.

  • Comprehensive Health Assessment

Comprehensive Health Assessment

The comprehensive health assessment is an interactive, non-invasive assessment of the vascular, neurological, and autonomic nervous systems which allow the providers at Pelican Family Medicine to benchmark and diagnose medical issues before they manifest into problems.

  • Adolescent Medicine

Adolescent Medicine

Adolescent medicine is an area of healthcare that specializes in common medical issues that occur during puberty. Adolescent medicine goes beyond a regular check-up or prescription and addresses social pressures that accompany preteen and teenage years.

  • Annual Wellness Visit

Annual Wellness Visit

This thorough once-a-year appointment for Medicare patients is scheduled annually following your “Welcome To Medicare Visit”. The annual wellness visit goes beyond the traditional annual physical that is often covered by other healthcare plans.

  • Ambulatory EEG

Ambulatory EEG

Ambulatory EEGs are a form of neurodiagnostic testing that allows for measurement of the electrical activity within the brain without sidelining patients from their daily activities for extended periods of time.

  • Adult Medicine

Adult Medicine

Our doctors and staff are dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of common adult medical concerns, including primary care, general health assessments, and consultation for complex medical issues. Our emphasis is caring for the whole patient.

  • Dermatologic Conditions

Dermatologic Conditions

Pelican Family Medicine can treat a variety of dermatologic conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, scars, EB, and dry skin.

  • Pediatric Care

Pediatric Care

Our name says it all. At Pelican Family Medicine, we care for the entire family. From birth to 21 years, the care of your children is in our hands.

  • Health Care Screenings

Health Care Screenings

Our clinic provides all types of health care screenings including PAP smears, mammograms, prostate cancer screenings, stress tests, lipid profiles (cholesterol test), lung cancer testing, colonoscopies, blood glucose testing, and blood pressure measurements.

  • Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine

Why not prevent health problems before they occur? Preventative medicine keeps patients healthy.

  • Pharmacogenomic Testing

Pharmacogenomic Testing

Pharmacogenomic testing is performed by a simple cheek swab and can provide us with a wealth of information about your health and the effectiveness of any current medications. Pharmacogenomics testing can also provide us with a roadmap for any future prescriptions.

  • Geriatric Care

Geriatric Care

We strive to maximize a patient’s function, balance quality of life issues with risks of tests and treatments, and keep patients in their home environments as much as possible.

Tried everything and can’t lose weight? Find out how to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

I have been going to Dr. Armitage since he opened 16 years ago. He is a rare physician as he spends extra time talking with you. He is simply wonderful! MADELINE LANGLEY, BirdEye





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