Pelican Family Medicine

Patients Reviews

I have been going to see Dr Wilkins for a while now,Tapering off alittle at a time,It really makes me angry to hear the negative reviews about Dr Wilkins and especially Cassie,They have been as kind and caring to me and everyone that goes when I am there.Im sure these people are the ones that are mad because they didn't get what they wanted because I have never seen any one treated badly but have seen some people that needed to be. As far as taking a while to see the doctor,that's just the way it is sometimes ,and the people that are so disappointed,try somewhere else ...

Peggy C. | Feb 10, 2024
This is absolutely the worst practice that I have been too. It is ran like a methadone clinic but 10 times worse. Cassie is so fake and doesn’t want to help make life better for anyone but herself. Donna has the nastiest attitude and actually laughed and hung up on me when I had to call the office again because Cassie forgot to call my medication in. Donna will screen the phone calls and sometimes will just not pick up the call if she doesn’t like you. Everyone is NOT treated the same!!! Samantha is the best one they have up front but one person can’t do it all! And Dr Wilkin’s doesn’t care about nothing but getting your money and sticking up for Cassie for some weird reason. She was NOTHING!! She used to take she garbage out and clean the office. I would recommend you to go to the College RD Animal Hospital before going to see Dr Wilkin’s at Pelican Family Medicine!! WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!!!!!

Chris S. | Jan 14, 2024
Disappointed in the non care given to me for a medical issue that I was treated for in the past at this office with the same provider. I was told to wait until my cough has gotten worse then possibly I can get antibiotics. So I sit up in my bed coughing and hacking and dealing with the discomfort, which as previously does get worse, so I will need to find another doctor that can care for my needs.

Gina P. | Dec 01, 2023